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(Please note: Not all the information contained in the Spanish version of this site has been translated to English. Our newest member of the team, Eugene McElroy, is frantically working on the translations and will soon have the English version ready for posting. Thank you.)

1st Division professional Soccer Club from Montevideo, Uruguay.
A team that has reached the sport's pinnacle and written glorious pages over its 105-year history.

"Manya" is a nickname or adjective used to describe anything related to the Club, including the fans.

Born in 1891 as the "Central Uruguay Railway Cricket Club", CURCC was the creation of a group of British executives of the "Empresa del Ferrocarril Central", a railway company operating from Peņarol, a neighbourhood in the outskirts of the city of Montevideo. Hence the nickname "carboneros" or steam train colliers. Soccer was a new and "exotic" game. By 1913, the CURCC came to be known as "Peņarol", and having already won several tournaments established itself in the forefront of Uruguayan soccer. In 1901 a new "Club Nacional de Football" was created and soon it became Peņarol's classic rival, however even to this date, Nacional has never been able to achieve overall first standing. With their black and gold colors ("aurinegros"), the team has a striking presence on the field, and throughout the years has won the hearts of the vast majority of the Uruguayan people.

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