Title: La Página de Peñarol
Original URL:
Screen resolution: 640x480 VGA
Language: Spanish
Active: 1995-1997
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

In 1995, during the early days of the World Wide Web, long-time friends Cesar Luongo and Federico Peinado enlisted the help of a number of their friends in different parts of the world to build a semi-official website for fans of the Uruguayan soccer club C.A. Penarol.

The site was launched in October 1995. Its first design was very primitive, consisting mainly of text and some images, all centered down the middle of the page. Eventually, it developed into the design seen here, and became known as the Manya Page, attracting many fans around the world.

In October 1997, the site was given a new look, redesigned for larger screen resolutions, and moved to its new domain,

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