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Screen resolution: 800x600
Language: Spanish
Active: 2000-2001
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay

In 1999, a group of friends residing in different parts of the world began working on a pilot project aimed at broadcasting radio stations from Latin America over the Internet.

Mario Lavignasse was tasked with running the media servers in Toronto, Canada, while Vince Alongi in Ottawa, was in charge of creating and maintaining the websites. Alvaro Dopico in Montevideo, Uruguay was in charge of marketing and the installation of encoding equipment.

Todoradio's first website was used to test the relatively new webcasting technology, using recorded segments of various radio stations.

Live webcasting began in 2000 with a redesigned website shown here.

*Please note that most of the outside links on this website may be outdated or no longer available.

*The audio streams on this website are not live.